IOTA Scope SC-28

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The IOTA Scope SC-28, IN ORDER TO AIM - "Shooters choice 28". Effective, space-saving and ultra-light, our tripod combines the sandbag principle with the functionality of a conventional bipod with a total weight of 0.78 kg.

The polyurearing specially developed for hunting is practically indestructible and designed to absorb the energy of the shot in the best possible way.   

The problem of adjusting a tripod in tight spaces or on snow or sand is a thing of the past. Assembly and disassembly in a matter of seconds is something you don't usually see with conventional systems - it's standard with the SC-28.

When addressing steeply down or up over a ridge or stone, you are still well covered due to the flat design (you can also work without the ring here). Thanks to the support at 2 points, you can achieve an unimagined stability of the spotting scope or rifle. The spotting scope can be attached to the inside of the IOTA Scope for transport, but is still ready for use when things have to go a little faster. If there is no space in the backpack, the supplied transport bag can be attached to the outside with a carabiner. 

We produce exclusively in Austria and strive to deliver the best possible quality. Since you learn best from practice, we always welcome feedback that we can take into account when further developing our aiming aids.