IOTA Scope B-23

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IOTA Scope B-23 is the perfect entry-level model. Developed for photographers, digiscopers and hunters, this product leaves the well-known problems of tripods and other requirements behind. The B-23 is made of 2K TPU/ABS and protects your camera, lenses and spotting scopes thanks to the rubberized surface. As it is UV and water resistant, you will be able to enjoy this product for a long time.

Set it up, hang up the camera and take the picture in seconds. Space-saving in a blind, flat design and large contact surface result in the optimal combination of tripod and sandbag. Once the object of desire is in the viewfinder, the B-23 reliably holds up even in strong gusts of wind.


All parts are designed for weight reduction with the best stability. Total weight: 0.49 kg

Made in AUSTRIA also means that we strive to deliver the best possible quality. Since you learn best from practice, we are always happy to receive feedback that we can take into account in further development.