IOTA Scope A-56

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The IOTA Scope A-56; more effective and space-saving than a tripod, more flexible than the tried and tested sandbag. All the advantages of conventional systems are combined here in one product. Whether on a perch or in a blind, the A-56 will provide you with the perfect support wherever you go. The biggest advantage for hunters is that the telescopic sight or the rifle is stable at all times and can still be adjusted quickly. When addressing steeply down or up, over a ridge or stone, you are still well covered thanks to the flat design. Due to the elastic attachments, the shot energy is optimally dampened. Thanks to the support on 2 points, you can achieve an unimagined stability of the spotting scope or rifle. The spotting scope can be attached to the inside of the IOTA Scope for transport, but it is still ready for use when things have to go a little faster. If there is no space in the backpack, the supplied transport bag can be attached to the outside with a carabiner. 

All parts are designed for weight reduction with the best stability. As a result, we achieve a total weight of just 0.56 kg, which is a top value in this product category.

We produce exclusively in Austria and strive to deliver the best possible quality. Since you learn best from practice, we are always happy to receive feedback that we can take into account when further developing our aiming aids.

It is recommended to shoot with the A-56 only with a ring and up to caliber 7mm. Use the SC-28 for larger types of cartridges, since the shot energy is absorbed by the polyurea ring in this model.